About Us

Even though of small stature,we still have many things to offer scouts. 

We are located in the Copperhead district of the Sam Houston Council.  Our troop's charter is carried by Beck & Masten dealership of Houston.  We meet on Tuesdays, most times at the Crossbridges church.  We do meet at alternate sites to support Cub Scouts or Service Projects.

We try to keep costs down by keeping our budget a little more conservative than others.  This means camping at more National, or County Parks.  If we camp at the more expensive State Parks, we will try to request the less expensive primitive campsites.

Our troop strives to work in accordance with the BSA guidelines, and promote a Boy Lead Troop as much as possible. As a result. we take pride in our inclusive membership allowing teens to find a comfortable troop home.  

BSA Troop # 838